Why I Wrote This Book

I was recently asked by a colleague why I was so driven to share my work with the world. She was fascinated to know what had kept me going at it for almost thirty years! To her it meant that the work/message had stood a test of time and was therefore by no means only a passing whim.

And that is certainly true.

The impulse to write this work was the result of a mystical experience I had at age 28. At the time, I was so excited by the nature of the material revealed that I immediately tried to capture and express it to the world in the form of a very small book that I managed to write inside a week! Brilliant. What is so hard about writing a book, I thought? And then I found out. It was an entirely tragic attempt. And although the essential nature of the material is not that different to what is revealed in HUMANS | From Nothing to Now, my first attempt was a literary joke. I ended up burning the entire print run.

It has been a huge challenge for me since to truly integrate that experience and present it as something that makes sense to another. But the answer to why I am so driven? I feel that I don’t really have a choice. Something wants expression through me, and it just won’t leave me alone. Over the years it has sometimes taken a back seat, and in those times, life has chugged along quite normally. But whenever I saw shows about ‘how the universe was created’, or similar, an annoyance and frustration would always rise up in me. The current theories about creation have never made much sense to me, and a large part of my work is to present an entirely new theory – one that makes sense to everybody, requires no prior knowledge of maths or physics, and asks nothing more of the reader other than to look into their own experience of living. But the greater purpose of the work is to address what seems to me to be the critical need for some clear understanding about what we are doing here on Earth, in these times of increasing personal and global challenges.

I feel an urgency, and this is what drives me to share my work with the world.