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It’s the Revolution We Have to Have

In 1990, the Australian treasurer Paul Keating famously stated that the difficult economic times we were facing was ‘the recession we had to have’. Clearly, it was unavoidable in the sense that we had created the conditions for it, and it had to run its course – not at all unlike the way that water might fill the hole we have just dug if and when it rains. It’s just what is going to happen.

In the same way, there is now a revolution happening for us as humans, a revolution that simply cannot be avoided.

Perhaps you have heard words of this nature before. After all, this revolution we are experiencing, or ‘shift in consciousness’ as it is often referred to, has been prophesised thousands of years ago and also regularly throughout history by various mystics and seers the world over. Today, many people are feeling and talking about it. So, is it all a bunch of new age ‘pie in the sky’ psychobabble, or is something really going on?

The word revolution comes from the Latin revolutio, meaning ‘a turnaround’ and refers to ‘a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system’. Traditionally, revolutions are short, intense, and bloody. But they need not be. The word primarily speaks to bringing about radical change, and the revolution that every human today is involved in (whether they believe it or not) is planetary and peaceful. How can I say this so confidently?

The reason that revolutions are traditionally violent is because they are invariably reactive. They push against the status quo creating resistance, heat, and turmoil. And although such movements may seem justifiable at certain levels, the net result is that any new regime born of this behaviour must also ultimately fail. History shows us the evidence, and will continue to do so until we can come to see the reason why.

The human revolution that we are all a part of now as a natural function of being alive in these times, is not about reactivity. It is about is being responsive – or responsible – and the outcome is entirely different. Reactive behaviour invites violence and war, whereas responsive behaviour invites cooperation and peace.

I would love to explain this in greater detail, but to do so would take me about 80,000 words. That is why I wrote the book HUMANS | From Nothing to Now, which I invite you to investigate if you are interested in learning more. But the short version is that before we can truly understand the revolution that is occurring, we must first understand the essential nature of how energy moves, the essential nature of matter itself. This, of course, is something that scientists have been trying to do for a very long time. But the fact remains that until we know the answer to this fundamental question, we cannot ever know what is really going on for us, the Earth, or anything else for that matter. Knowing what is going on is essential if you are serious about living, loving, surviving, thriving, and creating a great life on a healthy, functional planet.