I am an Extra Terrestrial

I am an Extra-Terrestrial

No, I don’t have green skin, and neither am I here to destroy the Earth – it is quite clear that humans are doing a completely fine job of that without me. So, what do I mean?

For clarity, the prefix ‘extra’ means ‘outside of’, and ‘terrestrial’ means the Earth, so literally I come from outside the Earth. Meaning; I see from beyond the Earth, beyond or behind the Earth psyche, whereas humans are caught in and defined by both the Earth and the human psyche. Now you can write me off as a nutter, or you can listen to what I have to say from this perspective, because God knows you need it. As things are this very moment, with the antics being displayed by the US and North Korea, it is possible that humans might not survive much longer. And if it is not the US and Korea, it will be something else in the next moment.

The times are sensitive and critical.

I am not saying this to sensationalise or disturb, I am saying it because it is a fact, just like losing a loved one is a fact when the time comes – it always happens now, not tomorrow. Only now do we have the opportunity to do what we can to bridge the gap between the living and the dead, and only now do have the opportunity to do something about the madness occurring on this planet. After the fact is too late.

Most people are shocked and devastated by death when it happens, because due to the density of the human psyche, they cannot see beyond or behind it to the simple truth that there is no death. Similarly, only the extra-terrestrial is beyond this density and can therefore see what is going on here on Earth, or more to the point, can see a solution to the problems that humans have created, and are continuing to create. This is not intended as criticism – it’s just the way things are. It is similar to the fact that nobody can see what is beyond the mountain until they climb the mountain and look. There is no other way to do it. It is, of course, possible to speculate about what is on the other side, or believe in all kinds of things that may or may not be there, but in the end what is actually there cannot be known until the mountain is climbed and one sees for one’s self. We must now climb the mountain – rise above the density of human-made thought – if we want to survive, let alone thrive. Tomorrow is too late. There are many here to help those who are ready to climb.