Really Challenged My Thinking

Now, let’s be honest – at some time or another, we’ve probably all felt we had this weird thing called life all figured out, only to be slapped down and reminded what specks of nothingness we really are in this great cosmos. Well, Brett Ashcroft Harrison not only thinks he knows the meaning of life and indeed the origins of life, he’s gone and written it all down in a book – Humans | From Nothing to Now. Harrison doesn’t hold back anything; this truly is the Everyman’s Definitive Guide to the Theory of Everything. The author takes us from the tiny dot that contains everything and nothing that was the beginning of our universe all the way through to why we are here, what our role is in the cosmos, and what the future may hold for us. The point to note here is that Harrison has no pretensions to being a theoretical physicist, or a Stephen Hawking – he is actually a design engineer and yet he has created this amazing Theory of Everything, that if nothing else, is worth reading just for the sheer balls of the author to challenge the existing scientific status quo.

I admit, physics was never my forte at school and I found myself totally at sea with some of Brett’s explanations as to how the universe was formed. I know he tried hard to put things in layman’s terms, but much of that still went straight over this reader’s head (It’s okay – I don’t understand the Big Bang Theory, either). I found the second half of the book to be more engaging on a personal level than the first. The author’s description of the purpose of humanity and the individual’s role within that purpose drew on some concepts I was familiar with and agreed with, but other aspects really challenged my thinking and made me look deeper at my own motivations, which I’m sure was the general purpose. Humans: From Nothing to Now is well worth the effort of reading. We should always be looking for other, plausible theories on life and this is an interesting view on Everything by one man.

Grant Leishman

Timeless and Inspiring

Humans | From Nothing to Now, by Brett Ashcroft Harrison, is an inspirational, nonfiction book that offers a fresh and powerful perspective on the question of existence, the history of humankind, and answers the philosophical question: “Why am I here?” This is a book that looks at the history of the world from its beginning, exploring possibilities that the universe with all it contains isn’t accidental. The author looks through the history of creation and the evolution of the world till this day and underlines powerful points that corroborate the fact that the world is created for a reason and that humankind has a powerful role to play in it. Combining scientific knowledge with philosophical insights and spiritual truths, the author helps readers understand the call to redefine humankind in relation to their connection with the universe.

Harrison helps readers rediscover their personal story in the history of humanity, giving them the wisdom to embrace their responsibility towards their growth and the universe, especially in these challenging times when the world is undergoing great crisis. The writing is very conversational and accessible and readers will have no difficulty grasping the message of the book. This is very timeless and very inspiring. It’s a book that everyone needs to read, because we all need a new consciousness to preserve the sacredness of our life and the universe we inhabit.

Romuald Dzemo


Humans | From Nothing to Now, by Brett Ashcroft Harrison, is a non-fiction book that delves into many philosophical questions and ultimately is Brett’s discussion and thoughts on the universe and human beings. The book is divided into two sections: the first section talks about the origin of the universe and draws upon the fields of science, metaphysics, astronomy, physics, mathematics, philosophy, etc. to present many thoughts and findings on the emergence of the universe, how and why it came into being, the mechanics behind it, and the role consciousness may play in it. The second section of the book deals with the question of human life on earth and how it fits into the bigger scheme of things, individual consciousness, concepts such as karma and enlightenment, human emotion, ego, the heights and depths of the human mind, how humans can learn to control and master their selves, and much more.

I found the book to be very thought-provoking and interesting. I liked that Brett writes from an honest “layperson” point of view—by that I mean, as someone without any formal or rigorous knowledge in any particular area of science—and comes across as genuine and engaging. The writing style is conversational and I was quite impressed with the breadth of his knowledge, spanning fields such as quantum theory and astronomy to philosophy and spirituality. I liked the first section more than the second one, due to its overall arch rather than the focus on humans in the second half, but that’s just me and that does not detract in any way from the writing or the book itself. This is a wonderful read for anyone interested in further exploring the universe from outside and within.

Gisela Dixon

Will Appeal to a Wide Audience

This book combines knowledge from a variety of disciplines — spirituality, philosophy, history, science, anthropology, and more — to redefine the place that humanity has in the universe. It explores the conundrum of the origins of the universe and man’s ultimate purpose in it. As one reads this book, one immediately understands that nothing is here by chance. In this book, readers find answers to some of the very serious questions they ask, questions that touch on the ultimate reason of their being here, universal consciousness, the purpose of human life. Most importantly, the reader will understand man’s ultimate call to embrace and protect life. In today’s changing and challenging times, the author maintains that understanding the reason why we are here is the key to protecting our universe.

Harrison’s writing is very perceptive and it addresses the heart of humankind in a powerful way. The reader is introduced to a fresh and more human way of looking at existence and of interpreting phenomena. The writing is simple and it won’t be difficult for the ordinary reader to grasp its message. Humans | From Nothing to Now is a book that will appeal to a very wide audience, and both philosophers and scientists, anthropologists and moralists will find useful information in this book. It offers numerous ideas for discussion and reflection and readers can’t fail to notice the impassioned call to embrace an holistic, more conscious way of connecting with the universe. You will not look at life and the world around you in the same way after reading this book.

Christian Sia