‘Creativity is a process that brings about things and events which we then have the opportunity to experience. If we are genuinely interested in understanding how and why we are here, then for us understand this process is essential. Any pursuit of knowledge that does not address this will be forever incomplete, and the answers to the big questions we seek will remain ever elusive’.

‘The fact remains that to date no-one ― scientist or otherwise ― has publicly offered a straightforward, simple, comprehensive solution to the problem of understanding how everything came to be and the reason we are here. This work endeavours to present such a solution’.

‘From a scientific point of view, HUMANS | From Nothing to Now incorporates and reconciles the primary principles of the current popular theories about the creation, structure and workings of the universe’.

‘Everything that exists is the result of a creative process. Therefore, understanding this process seems essential if we ever hope to learn the truth about how the universe began, and why’.

‘Through understanding creativity, it may then be possible to establish a deeper, clearer understanding of ourselves as creative beings, of how and why we came to be, and the reason for the state of things both personally and globally at any given time’.

HUMANS | From Nothing to Now explains the reason for the emergence of all notions pertaining to God or a Divine Being’.

‘Unlike perhaps any other investigation into the beginning of the universe and the nature of existence, Origin theory attempts to make no assumptions at all. There is no requirement for the reader to assume anything in order for us to develop the theory, and because of this it may be possible to build a very powerful model’.

‘Eventually a bridge must be made that links the spiritual with the scientific as one comprehensive, understandable whole. A correct and complete Theory of Everything ― by its very definition ― would be something that can do this’.

‘When we get to a detailed description of how the universe was created, it will become apparent that maybe the Big Bang is not what happened at all’.

‘The universe is a beautiful, intelligent, creative, and evolving entity, and the current theories that talk of cooling hot matter, flung out from nowhere in a nanosecond and for no reason, swirling gases in which accidental occurrences brought forth planets and life-forms, are clunky, inelegant, and incomplete. A complete theory of everything will not only unify the forces in the universe and reconcile contradictory but otherwise accurate theories, it will also be something simple and beautiful. And although it might be unconventional and a stretch to the conditioned mind, it will at a deeper level make sense’.

‘Any pursuit of knowledge that does not address creativity will be forever incomplete, and the answers to the big questions we seek will remain ever elusive’.

‘We must understand the original condition from which gravity resulted. Then, and only then, can all other conditions, relationships, and occurrences be derived with any degree of certainty. Surprisingly, this will be much easier than you might imagine’.

‘The answer to the fundamental question ‘What is the essential nature of existence?’ will never be found inside a long tunnel, deep beneath the ground (the Large Hadron Collider). The answer we seek will only ever be found deep within ourselves ― each of us as the individual extensions of Consciousness that we are’.

‘The reality of vibrational Consciousness also explains the principle behind the hypothetical wormhole ― a theoretical passage through space-time (predicted by general relativity) that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe’.

‘The conditions surrounding the emergence of thinking human beings is the most fascinating sequence of events that have ever occurred in the experience of humankind and the universe. Revealing and understanding what happened is perhaps the most important part of this work, because it helps explain the human situation, as I call it, and the predicament that we find ourselves in today’.

‘So, instead of chasing my dream through the conventional way of working hard, saving money, and planning for the future, I turned my attention to simply trusting in life. I began to follow my intuition rather than my head, and this led me to having many surprising and delightful experiences’.

‘Although the freedom to choose is a tremendous gift and power, it can easily lead to doubt, confusion, struggle and unhappiness, and this is a great dilemma. No other animal on Earth wrestles with the same kind of psychological and emotional torment with regard to the most basic principle of life; how to live’.

‘Armed with the firm knowledge of who, what, and why we are, it might then be possible for us to come together and consciously create a world in which we all belong and delight in’.

‘One of the drives behind science and technology today is to develop machines to the ultimate expression as autonomous, intelligent robots ― something similar to, and fashioned against, ourselves (a case of making a ‘machine in our own image’)’.

‘The existence of ‘non-thinking’ humans is perhaps nearly impossible for us to come to terms with today, because we all think a great deal now. In fact, in almost every school and university around the world we are taught and encouraged to think about everything, and it would seem difficult, or impossible, for us to stop doing it. Nonetheless, we cannot ever think our way to understanding the reality of not thinking’.


‘On the surface, the psychic world appears similar to the manifest world. It is a mirror image of it, a replica of the true moment, exquisitely crafted from the past’.

‘Today the archaeologist attempts to piece together and understand our past from physical evidence gathered as remains and artefacts. Therefore, might it also be possible for us to gain a better insight into our past by accepting that the myths and legends could be pointers to the conditions that birthed us as creative humans?’.

‘Misaligned living builds as karma and is synonymous with the idea of humans being sinners’.

‘We must free ourselves from the karmic wheel ― the merry-go-round of living from the past ― and refrain from behaviour that lures us back in’.

‘I think it is reasonable, perhaps even obvious, to say that everybody wants to be happy in life. Even the kinds of people who we might be moved to label as mean or evil are still, somehow, seeking a sense of happiness. And although they might make others very unhappy with their actions, they are not behaving that way to make themselves unhappy’.

‘The feeling of wellbeing in the body is a natural and healthy sensation. Ego is an energy that pulls upon and distorts this sensation. From it arises an entirely new dimension of feeling, and it is called emotion’.


‘In our quest to get off the karmic merry-go-round, one of the most powerful tools we can have is the ability to distinguish emotion from wellbeing, and then to give attention to one, not the other’.

‘The feeling of wellbeing is wonderful and cannot be fully experienced while emotion and thinking reign, which unfortunately is the case for most people, most of the time, today’.

‘The emotional energy field or body that is generated through imagining is not one born of fear and its associated ‘negative’ emotions alone. It is generated equally by excitement, but as excitement is seen as a more acceptable ‘positive’ emotion in society today ― in fact it is encouraged in so many ways ― it goes unnoticed for the greater part’.

‘Enlightenment and death? On the surface that may sound like an unlikely combination of subjects to associate, and yet we will see the unavoidable relationship between the two in this section’.

‘This might now help us see the answer to one of humanity’s most challenging philosophical questions. Do we have free will or is the universe ultimately deterministic? Is there such a thing as fate or destiny? And the answer is that it depends upon how much soul a person carries’.

‘Strong alignment with beliefs, practices, rules, rituals, and anything else that helps bind people together as anything other than the human animals that we are, is ultimately divisive, not loving’.

‘The past, and any attachment to it, is the only thing that will ever limit you or hold you back from experiencing the joy of living, and the opportunities life offers. However, the continued use of any specific process to help dissolve this attachment may result in attaching to the process itself’.

‘If we go looking to try and understand the reason for our suffering, we will find no end of opportunity to name ― and with increasingly elaborate terms ― the nature of ‘stuff’ arising within us, not at all unlike the way in which the scientist continues to look into matter only to find an endless arising of ‘stuff’ to name’.

‘Many people cannot be responsible and are playing a ‘blame game’ of some kind, with a tendency to hold external causes accountable for the state of their lives and the world. There is, of course, no limit to finding fault in the ways of the world or others, but rarely is there an awareness in people that the state of the world at any given moment might have something to do with them’.

‘People are generally quite happy to take responsibility for their life and the world when everything is going well. But what about when things don’t go so well? Can the same proud claim be made then?’

‘The ability to differentiate between believing and knowing is a primary determinant of our ability to create a functional, fulfilling life’.

‘To accept life as it is, does not mean that you are endorsing it as being ‘acceptable’; it means you understand that nothing can be done about it until you know what to do’.

‘We have been mesmerised by ego into believing that money is the greatest power and that it is necessary to have it ― and as much of it as possible ― to ensure our wellbeing and the best options in life. And although it is true that money makes our economies run and can buy many things and experiences, it is certainly not true that it makes the world go around’.

‘Wanting’ is a primary behaviour of the ego, and it is rife in the world today. Marketing companies play on this emotional need and encourage our wanting for more things, anything, everything, or at least something, to make us happy, to take this unpleasant emptiness and inner lack away’.

‘The fact that we feel good through unconditional giving is prima facie evidence that we have immediately received the same energy, the love that we have given’.

‘Giving and receiving are symbolic of the two creative, equal and opposite poles of Consciousness. The natural flow and balance between these two poles is the creativity of love’.

‘Love, the real thing, and not the romantic idea of it ― the emotionalised hope, excitement, and disappointment of it ― can only ever be found here in the moment, wherever that moment may be’.

‘Equal and opposite means exactly that. The force of each is exactly and entirely equal by any measure, but the quality is diametrically and completely opposed. Positive is fundamentally different to negative. Male is fundamentally different to female. And thank God for that, otherwise we would not even exist’.

‘The imbalance of sexual power on Earth began around the same time that ego began to take hold of early humans. Having greater physical strength and the sexual motivation to project his energy, the ego in emerging man began controlling woman to create the world on his terms’.

‘With regard to sex, woman throughout the ages has unknowingly learned to simply accept what man has to give, and has been putting into her, through sexual union. After all, it is natural for her to be open to receiving what he has to give, and it is natural for him to give it to her’.

‘Mastery of sexual energy must occur if balance is to be restored. Essentially, this is the greatest challenge for a man today, and as the greatest challenge, its achievement will pay the highest dividends’.

‘Fucking at the animal level is an entirely natural act, and making love at a spiritual level, through an awareness of the energy that can be generated and its purpose is also entirely natural. What is not natural, but normal in the world today, is the middle ground, where sex is used by ego as a tool of power, indulgence, and manipulation’.

‘The primary purpose and endeavour of this work is to invite the reader deeply into themselves, towards the very core of their Being; the place from where we all come. To know and live from this deep place within is the only sure way for us to establish a happy, healthy, and functional existence for all living creatures’.