HUMANS | From Nothing to Now. Brett Harrison

Piecing Together the Puzzle of Life

A Unique and Illuminating Perspective on Some of Life's Deepest Philosophical Questions


Humans: From Nothing to Now pieces together the puzzle of life in a straight forward and original way. Rather than discussing and debating existing theories and ideas, the unique approach of this work encourages the reader to look into their own experience of living to provide the basis for understanding some of the biggest questions in life. The book is written for readers with an open mind and a genuine interest in discovering the nature of existence and being.

Drawing on engaging personal story and original insight, supported by historical fact and the basics of modern physics, Harrison takes you on a journey from before the beginning of time through to the present moment. Using your own experience as a guide, a new way of understanding the Universe and your relationship to it begins to emerge. Clear and logical explanations lead you into a place of deep understanding and personal responsibility from which the empowering insight arises: 'It is now safe - indeed necessary - for me to trust in life and simply be who I am'.

The key purpose of this work is to show that in these times of personal and global challenge, it is no longer just a nice idea for us to discover the reason and purpose for our being here – it is now something vitally necessary if we wish to survive as a species.

To this end, the book begins with a new approach to understanding the very nature of existence, what it is, how it came to be, and why. For the very first time, a logical, comprehensible explanation of the universe and how it operates becomes apparent. A new model of creation is generated – the ‘Origin’ model – from which it becomes possible to see the reason for, and process by which we evolved to be complex, creative human beings from basic, primitive animals. With this understanding, the reason for dysfunction in the world becomes crystal clear. Finally, having established the root cause of both personal and global dysfunction, it is then possible to see and know – not guess or hypothesise – a real solution.

There is no requirement for the reader to have any prior knowledge of science, mathematics, or spirituality to extract value from this work. The style is easy and conversational. The Origin model is built through understanding the process by which ‘things’ are created – the creative process. This is something that every person can relate to by simply observing their own experience. Consequently, the model becomes strong and understandable, and the explanation for many mysteries begin to emerge: the cause of gravity, how something came from nothing, the mind body relationship, and Einstein’s E=mc2 equation, to mention a few. Perhaps most importantly, the Origin model defines the missing link that reconciles science and spirituality, and unites them as one powerful and respectful approach to living.

From a humanitarian point of view, the work clearly shows the reason that we have become both exceedingly clever and inventive – yet also very destructive and unhappy – as a species. This reasoning allows a new and refreshing perspective on many things including: God, love, ego, death, and purpose.

HUMANS | From Nothing to Now is a unique work that will challenge and empower you, and is a necessary read for anyone looking for deep understanding and joy in their lives.